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What started out as a Steak Sauce in 1985 has evolved in to an Award Winning All -In-One Steak Sauce, Marinade and BBQ Sauce. What makes Geno's different? Geno's is void of Artificial Smoke flavoring. It doesn't mask and cover up foods Natural Flavors and Geno's has NO Aftertaste. Geno's isn't ketchupy, garlicky, hickory smoke or vinegary in taste. San Diego's Own for over 30 years.

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Geno's Awards

Geno's Awards

2015 Fiery Food Challenge Winner in the Steak Sauce Category.

Geno's has won over 20 National awards since 1998 in sauce categories from BBQ Sauce to Salsa to Hot Sauce and Marinade to Spicy Ketchup and Wing Sauce all with the same sauce. Geno's - Steak Sauce - Marinade - BBQ  "A Truly Distinct Savory Sauce."

Geno's Recipes

Geno's Recipes

Because Geno's is such a distinct savory sauce, it can be used in a variety of ways. From BBQ to eggs to guacamole to even our unique cocktail sauce, Geno's adapts and enhances and helps YOU create NEW recipes. Check out some of our recipes, from people who have bought and used Geno's for years, and sign up to receive more recipes from Geno each month.

Retail Opportunities


Find Geno's in fine stores like Haggen, Albertsons (Lemon Grove) and soon Lakeside, La Mesa, Downtown San Diego and El Cajon. (Ask your Albertsons for we're being approved). Also in Sprouts (East Lake & Chula Vista) Harvest Ranch Markets, Keil's stores and Cardiff Seaside Market. If your market doesn't carry Geno's ASK FOR IT

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