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What makes Geno's "A Distinct Savory Sauce" the food friendly sauce? Geno's is void of Artificial Smoke flavoring and other Artificial flavors. It is a flavor all its own, without the excessive ketchup, garlic, hickory smoke or vinegar taste. Discover for yourself why Geno's has been the food friendly favorite in San Diego for 30 years. It's time to share Geno's with you.

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Geno's Awards

Geno's Awards

Geno's sauce has won over 20 major national awards in different categories.  These  include hot sauce, salsa, steak sauce, BBQ, wing sauce, marinade sauce, basting sauce, ketchup, and Asian hot marinade. Our unique taste and seasoning has allowed us to no longer be called just a BBQ sauce, but rather "A Distinct Savory Sauce."

Geno's Recipes

Geno's Recipes

Because Geno's is such a distinct savory sauce, it can be used in a variety of ways. From BBQ to eggs to guacamole to even our unique cocktail sauce, Geno's delivers great taste across the board! Check out some of our recipes, from people who have bought and used Geno's for years, and sign up to receive more recipes from Geno each month.

Retail Opportunities

For Retailers

Since Geno's is such a distinct and different sauce, we are merchandising it in special markets such as gourmet meat markets, family owned businesses, and specialty retail outlets.  If you own this type of store, or shop at one, and wish to have Geno's on the shelf, please contact us so that we can make Geno's easily available to all.

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